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Write for Us

Jaya Pest is always on the lookout for writers to contribute fresh content for our readers. If you would like to guest post on a topic related to pest control, you may get in touch with us, or submit your proposal / article below.

In order to maintain the quality standards of the blog, we check through all submissions, and only approve those that meet a certain quality standard.

Here are some guidelines for guest writers:
– Article must be of acceptable quality and provide value to readers
– Article must not be blatantly plagiarised
– Writers must not abuse the platform
– Articles must absolutely be handwritten and not spun
– Agencies are welcomed to contribute on behalf of their clients

By submitting your article to us, you must be willing for your article to be posted on our site indefinitely.

If we publish your article, we will credit your content with your name and one URL of your website, unless you request to be anonymous.

We may also ask you to provide a full-color headshot or photo of yourself (500px by 500px in JPEG, PNG to TIFF format) and a byline on who you are, to be displayed as the author details.

We reserve the right to reject articles that do not meet our selection criteria and remove published contributed articles from our site at our own discretion.