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About us

Jaya Pest

We are a small team of specialists that are actively involved in the pest control industry. Some of our writers have been dealing with pest control for decades, and have plenty of tips to share on how to handle pest control yourself.

Our Beliefs

We strongly believe it is good practice for all homeowners to keep themselves equipped with knowledge on pest control. From a consumer’s standpoint, pest control is actually all about prevention. Keeping your house clean, tidy and well-maintained are keys to prevent the infestations of pests. However, as much as we put in all the effort into doing so, pests will still find their way into the house.

During the early stage, pests can be easily eradicated by yourself with specialised products that can be found at your nearby home improvement store. Get this done soon, and you will save yourself time, money and effort in eradicating a massive infestation, a common scenario if left untreated.

Also, never be stingy on hiring pest control specialists if you know you are having a pest situation in the house. They are experts and highly trained to locate and eradicate household pests. Certain pests, such as termites, cause very costly damage to housing structures over time, so it’s important to take action as soon as possible.